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You and your family can enjoy hours of fun and recreation with a Connect-A-Dock floating dock, at a resort a lake or a pond. This floating dock is great for boat docks, fishing docks, swim platforms, sunbathing, relaxing and all other water related activities.

2000 Series Connect-A-Port™
Need a place to dock your PWC?

The new Connect-A-Port™ PWC Drive on adds a safe harbor for your one-, two- or three-place personal watercraft!
1000 Series
8" (20.32 cm) Freeboard
2000 Series
17" (43.18 cm) Freeboard
1000 Series Dock at a camp site 2000 Series Dock with pontoon boat

1000 Series With the 8" (20.32 cm) freeboard, this Connect-A-Dock , floating dock system is best suited for smaller bodies of water and/or coves that are protected from large waves. This floating dock is ideal for swimming, fishing, boating or just plain relaxing. Its low profile provides an excellent transition for entering or exiting boats such as Jon boats, Kayaks, Canoes, and Sculls. You can build swim platforms, walkways for wetlands and marshy areas as well as any style of dock your imagination will create. Check out our prepackaged dock systems: Straight, Swim Platform, F, T, U, L shapes.

2000 Series With the 17" (43.18 cm) freeboard, this Connect-A-Dock, floating dock system is best suited for mooring boats such as ski boats, pontoon boats, sail boats and catamarans providing an even transition when entering or exiting. Using this unique building block design, you can assemble decks, party barges, boat slips and just about any style of dock. Your imagination is your only limitation! Check out our prepackaged dock systems: Straight, Deck Plate form, F, T, U, L shapes.

Connect-A-Dock Features and Benefits
• Modular design
• Easy to install
• Wood grain anti-skid surface
• UV protected
• Environmentally friendly
• Does not contain CCA
• Add-on capability
• Salt water safe
• 8-Year product warranty

1000 and 2000 Series Specifications:

Both the 1000 and 2000 series docks are rotationally molded from polyethylene plastic and have no polystyrene beads or CCA (environmentally friendly).

The pearl color is throughout the wall  -- If you scratch it, it will be the same color.

1000 Series:

Model: FS1030
45" x 30" x 10" (76.2 cm x 114.3 cm x 25.4 cm)
Weight: 50 lbs. (22.68 Kg)
Maximum Floatation: 325 lbs per section (147.4 Kg)

Model: FS1060
45" x 60" x 10" (114.3 cm x 152.4 cm x 25.4 cm)
Weight: 90 lbs. (41 Kg)
Maximum Floatation: 690 lbs per section (313 Kg)

2000 Series:

Model: FS2096
48" x 96" x 20" (121.9 cm x 243.8 cm x 50.8 cm)
Weight: 200 lbs. (91 Kg)
Maximum Floatation: 2500 lbs per section (1134 Kg)

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